Mellow fruitfulness - baked apples stuffed with quinoa
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

My lovely neighour Sue has two apple trees in the box-hedged veg patch that is her front garden.  I love the incongruous nature of its location; we are in semi-detached Edwardian houses on a main road, so really the last thing you'd expect to see are rows of carrots and spinach growing through heaps of manure.  On invitation, so it's not really scrumping, we do help ourselves to her lovely Bramley cookers as they hit the ground.  And this year I'm inspired to treat them as individuals rather than chop them up and make chutney which is my usual scam. This is all down to a rather inspiring photo shoot I did with Quinola for some seasonal recipes.  Quinoa is the superfood of the moment and it is DELICIOUS!  Get this for a really scrummy autumn pudding on a plate.  It's easy-peasy.

    All you need is:

      1 packet or ready-to-eat Quinoa Express (we used balck and pearl)
      4 large cooking apples
      2 handfuls oats
      2 handfuls raisins
      2 handfuls walnuts
      2 tbsp Maple syrup
      Juice of half a lemon
      1 tsp ground cinnamon

      Wash and trim the bottoms off the apples so they stand upright and core them to leave a nice big space for the stuffing.  Mix up all the other ingredients and stuff the apples with the spicy quinoa mixture.  Bake at 180C for 30 mins and serve with a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream.  SCRUMMY.
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